High Arctic Nordic Trekking
Trek the pristine and spectacular Arctic wilderness where few have gone, far north of the Arctic Circle. While our trips to Baffin Island and Norway differ slightly in both locales you will ski on untouched terrain - ice caps, glaciers, river valleys, canyons, rolling tundra and frozen ocean (generally suitable for intermediate skiers). Ski through an amazing series of valleys laden with lakes, past magnificent icebergs, and along chiseled fjords before enjoying hot meals, weather-proof tents, and cozy sleeping bags.

On our trip to Baffin Island, we will also visit the high Arctic hamlet of Pond Inlet to learn about the region’s natural history and traditional Inuit carvings. In Longyearbyen you’ll explore the city and learn about its deep roots in coal mining.

Supported by snowmobile and komatiq, on our Baffin Island trip or pulling a small sledge on our Longyearbyen trip you will ski with a light daypack. You’ll want your camera along to catch glimpses of seasonal wildlife and spectacular scenery. Trips are limited to 8-10 participants making this experience as individual and unique, as is the environment, in the land of the midnight sun.
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