Baffin Ski Trekking Expedition
Arctic Odysseys is pleased to announce a new and exciting skiing expedition. Starting in Pond Inlet, we will travel East by snowmobile and komatik (sled), then South, towards an area of staggering beauty that typifies Baffin Island's rugged East coast. We will be dropped off and set up camp for the night. Night is a relative term - at this time of year there is no darkness. The next morning we will break camp, prepare our equipment and gear sleds, and begin skiing the circular route that will encompass some of the wildest and most dramatic scenery anywhere in the world.

Under constant daylight this unique trip will combine traveling by snowmobile and komatik and expedition cross country skiing. Pulling our individual gear sleds, we will begin by traveling through a system of frozen lakes created by ancient (once advancing) glaciers. Our route will then take us across the massive glacier/ice-cap system that so dominates this part of Baffin Island. Upon reaching our high point, we will then begin the descent back down to the sea ice. Depending on progress, we will have the opportunity to take further side trips to areas rarely traveled and explored.
Backcountry Skiing Trips
Backcountry Trekking Trips
16 days/ 15 nights
April 2012
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