Polar Bears - Hudson Bay
From Winnipeg, Manitoba, fly to Churchill, the Polar bear capital of the world, and on to a remote luxury lodge by bush plane for a rich sub-Arctic wildlife adventure.

Along the pristine and icy shores of Hudson Bay, experience beauty and solitude on numerous walking tours lead by your personal naturalist guide, seeking snowy owls, gyrfalcons, ptarmigans, seals, fox, Polar bear, and potentially wolverines and wolves. Enjoy private tundra buggy excursions in search of Polar bears, as well as informative lectures by local experts covering regional wildlife and cultural subjects, including making clothing from skins, traditional medicines, and drum dancing. Savor gourmet meals each day, including several meals with Helen Weber, author of internationally famous wilderness cookbooks. At night, photograph and bask under cosmic showers of the Northern Lights.

From Churchill, we ride giant tundra buggies – another opportunity to view and photograph Polar bears as they gather to await the freeze of the “Vast Inland Sea.” In Churchill, explore the Parks Canada Interpretive Center, the famous Eskimo Museum, as well “Polar bear jail,” and a variety of galleries and shops that offer exquisite local handcrafts. A brisk dog sled ride across the frozen tundra is optional, but remains a befitting finale for a lifetime adventure.
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