Caribou & Wolves Ecotour
Every once in a while we design an adventure that almost sounds too good to be true. Caribou & Wolves Ecotour is an odyssey with the potential to overwhelm with an endless offering of spectacular flora and fauna and the ability to create "shutter bugging" exhaustion! Your travels will take you over 20,000 sq kmís of the wildest regions in the Arctic, home to wolves, caribou, moose, three species of bears (polar, black, and grizzly), Arctic & colored fox, wolverine, beaver, pine marten and countless bird life all set on a kaleidoscope of spectacular fall colors. As if that isnít enough this odyssey is set in the best Aurora viewing zone in the Arctic. Listen to the spine tingling thrill of a howling wolf pack, stand mesmerized by the dancing Aurora, dine on gourmet meals, soak in our wood fired hot tub, and relax in our luxury lodge. We deepen your understanding of the Arctic environment as we pamper you with finest service, guides, accommodations, and gourmet cuisine found south of the Arctic Circle - truly the trip of a lifetime.
Arctic Ecotours
Ecotours to View Wolves and Caribou
9 days/ 8 nights
September 4 - 12, 2015
September 10 - 18, 2015
$10,995 CAD
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