Summer Wildlife & Culture - Baffin Island
Designed for the individual amateur or professional naturalist who seeks to experience the Inuit life-style as it has developed over the last 3,000 years, experience firsthand viewing and photographing Arctic wildlife and birds, free of the minimal constraints associated with even small-group involvement. From the beginning, the flight to southern Baffin Islandís Foxe Peninsula or northeastern Baffin Islandís Clyde River is spectacular and just the beginning of your immersion in an amazing landscape.

See the sunlight refracted through stranded pack ice in Cape Dorset, as it changes from aquamarine to a surreal pink in the warm light of evening. Pick your way though chunks of ice as you paddle away from Clyde River into the open sea, and then along the coast. Watch icebergs resembling ships of the Great White Fleet drift around you as you see vistas only witnessed by true Arctic explorers. With your Inuit guide, stop at traditional camps and share hot tea and bannock with local Inuit who have returned to the summering ground of their elders, and where they observe the continuation of traditional carving and weaving crafts. Unhurriedly, observe and photograph a multitude of land and sea mammals including caribou, seals and walrus, as well as migratory birds.

Finally, visit Iqaluit, Nunavutís capital. You can enjoy a boat excursion to Qaummaarviit Historic Park and see the picturesque Sylvia Grinnell River rapids on our Cape Dorset odyssey or explore Iqaluit on your own, taking in its Anglican Church, cultural museum, and Legislative Building on our Clyde River trip. Whatever your choice, youíll set the agenda in both of these highly personal adventures.
Wildlife Viewing on Baffin Island
Polar Bear and Whale Watching
4 days/ 3 nights
June - August 2015
Price varies based on number of participants. Please contact us to discuss your trip.
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