North Pole by Icebreaker
Few places on Earth have stirred the hearts and minds of explorers more than the Geographic North Pole. Following many failed expeditions, by sled, balloon, airship and ship, the Pole was finally witnessed in 1926, but it was 1948 before anyone actually stood there. On this extraordinary voyage aboard two of the world’s most powerful icebreakers, our aim is to place you in celebration on the top of the world – 90° North.

Sailing from Murmansk, our journey carries us across the Barents Sea and penetrates the remote world of the frozen Arctic Ocean, an ever changing panorama of wind-swept pack ice up to five meters thick, harboring immense pressure ridges, countless poles of rich turquoise, and occasional narrow open leads of deep sea green.

From the bridge or deck of the ship or from our expertly piloted helicopter, witness sweeping Polar landscapes, as well as encounters with Arctic wildlife, such as Polar bears, walrus, and Ivory gulls. Through our journey, enjoy a full program of lectures by noted Polar experts and the ships' multitude of amenities, including a basketball court, heated swimming pool and gourmet international cuisine.

On our return, we will ply the waters of Franz Josef Land, Russia’s most northern archipelago islands, graced by towering volcanic mountains, stunning basalt cliffs, calving glaciers, icebergs, prominent Arctic wildlife, and rich Polar history.
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North Pole by Icebreaker
North Pole Expedition Aboard "50 Years of Victory"
June - July 2015
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