North Pole Ski Expeditions
For centuries the North Pole remained an unattainable fascination to explorers - a destination of myths and dreams that was not achieved until the early 20th century. On this extraordinary adventure, you will experience, first hand, the mystery, tranquility and beauty embodied by attainment of the Geographical North Pole.

Begin in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Europe’s northernmost community of consequence. Fly by private STOL jet (AN 74) over the Svalbard Archipelago - the historic gateway of many Polar explorers who attempted to gain the North Pole – Solomon Andrée, Walter Wellman, Roald Amundsen, Lincoln Elsworth, Richard E. Byrd, to mention a few. Your “birds-eye view” will impart pristine snow and ice mantled mountains, magnificent glaciers, and ice bergs in frozen fjord waters. The Arctic Ocean reveals a maze of pressure ridges, mountains of ice, and occasional open leads. You may even glimpse a Polar bear searching for seals hundreds of miles from land.

From our Barneo Ice Camp undertake the final leg to the Pole, about 66 miles, by skis and on foot. On a typical day you’ll encounter freezing temperatures, 5-10 meter high pressure ridges, and open leads of freezing cold water, making the experience anything but, well, typical. At the Pole, celebrate with other intrepid adventurers from around the globe.

Join us for an historical, challenging, and entirely unique trek of a lifetime.
North Pole extreme skiing
Extreme Skiing Adventures
Ranging 8 days/7 nights to 18 days/ 17 nights

March & April, 2015
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