North Pole - Ultimate Adventure Flight
Few places on Earth have stirred the hearts and minds of explorers more than the Geographic North Pole. Following many failed expeditions, by sled, balloon, airship and ship, the Pole was finally witnessed in 1926, but it was 1948 before anyone actually stood there.

On these extraordinary flight expeditions we will land on the polar ice cap as close to 90 degrees north as sea ice conditions permit. Our North Pole Greenland flight, pioneered by Arctic Odysseys in the mid-1970’s, follows the general routes of the historic explorers, Peary & Cook. It includes visits to Canada’s High Arctic communities of Resolute and Grise Fiord, the Eureka High Arctic weather station, and Qaanaaq, Greenland, the world’s most northern Inuit town. We will also travel by dog team among ice bergs the size of skyscrapers and by snowmobile to visit ancient Thule culture and Inuit sites. Our North Pole Spitsbergen flights offer the unique opportunity to overnight in heated tents at the Barneo Ice Camp and to explore the hamlet of Longyearbyen. These are truly unique lifetime experience, led by seasoned polar escorts.
Fly to the North Pole
Travel Adventure to the North Pole
North Pole Spitsbergen
March/April 2015
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