Fall Auroral Odyssey
Attainable only by charter plane, engage the untamed wilderness 170 kilometers north of Thompson, Manitoba, to photograph moose, fox, caribou, pine martins, and a myriad of Arctic avian in their natural habitat.

When not behind a camera, ply pristine waters by canoe or kayak, fish for world-class Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Grayling, or hike amidst the brilliant fall color of the Boreal Forest and the Barrenlands. Learn from experienced naturalists and guides about the regional wildlife and geography, as well as how aboriginals and historic trappers survived in this harsh environment, including the art of teepee building.

With the assistance of a renowned Astronomer and Solar System Specialist, relish and photograph the full splendor of the Northern Lights, for it is here, within a 20 degree arc of the Geo-Magnetic North Pole that these spectacular “curtains of color” are at their peak viewing visibility. Learn about the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, as well as how the Universe began, what lies on the edge of the Universe, and with the aid of a telescope, explore the heavens.

Limited to 12 participants, you can look and linger without the encumbrance of artificial schedules in the pristine environment only our far north regions can provide.
View the Northern Lights in Canada
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