High Arctic Wildlife and Cultural Odyssey
The Arctic under the midnight sun is an inhospitable and fragile environment filled with natural treasures and rich in the history of indigenous people and European explorers. This land changes people. Season after season, visitors come back from their arctic trips changed, more confident, having discovered passions, and fixed personal objectives and future challenges.

Come explore the remote and rarely seen corners of Somerset Island. Soar in a twin otter, kayak in serene waters, hike to remote falls, mountain bike rugged trails, or power an ATV through the barren and exquisite landscape. Savor gourmet meals and comfortable accommodations at Arctic Watch as you make day trips to view thousands of nesting sea birds including Thick-billed Murres, Northern Fulmars, Black-legged Kittiwakes, and Black Guillemots. From musk ox to arctic fox, polar bears, and the unicorn of the sea, the narwhal, wildlife abounds. Cast your line for some of Nunavut’s best Char fishing and then savor your catch for dinner. Try your hand at traditional Inuit games and throat singing. Wherever your unique interests lead you, you’re sure to be enthralled and changed by your days at Somerset. Join us for the trip of a lifetime and discover the Arctic as never before.
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8 days/ 7 nights
Weekly departures July & Aug
Ranging $6,395 - $8,300
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