High Arctic Kayaking and Heli-Hiking
These Odysseys have been specifically designed for kayaking enthusiasts and amateur or professional naturalists who particularly enjoy firsthand viewing and photographing both land and sea mammals, as well as birds. The small group format (two to eight participants) minimizes constraints associated with larger groups, largely allowing participants to linger and look or, within limits set by the judgment of your guides, alter plans at will.

Our kayaking and hiking trips our perfectly timed to enjoy extensive sea and river kayaking and view some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the Arctic, as well as a plethora of rare Arctic wildlife. Cliffs, delicate fjords, hidden campsites, sandy beaches, and sparkling ice contribute to the remarkable beauty of these areas, and kayaking and fly in hiking provide a marvelous way to fully appreciate the land and all that it contains. Walrus, seals, Arctic char, massive Bowheads, playful belugas, and elusive Narwhal ply the icy waters; while caribou, bears, moose, breathtaking flora and dozens of avian species crowd the shores. In addition to kayaking and heli-hiking, these programs offer excellent opportunities for fishing, hiking, and exquisite photography. Come join us on a quest like no other; the Arctic awaits you.
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