Spring Floe-Edge to Bylot Island
Delight in some of the most spectacular views of the north, across Eclipse Sound to the mountains and glaciers of Bylot Island during the spring migration. Through sweeping Arctic landscape, travel to the floe-edge Inuit-style by komatic and snowmobile across the ice, with kayaks in tow. En route, witness hanging glaciers, abandoned whaling stations and hunting cabins, and Bylot Island’s renowned hoodoos, the remains of an ancient forest.

From our comfortable camp, you will have the opportunity see icebergs resembling ships of the Great White Fleet, as well as narwhals, bowhead whales, polar bears, walrus, beluga whales, seals, and countless migratory birds. On land run Arctic fox, hare, seals, collared lemmings, while snowy owls, hawks, and gyrfalcons float stalking overhead. Paddle along the floe-edge, as narwhal surface along side. For thousands of years, Inuit and their ancestors ventured to the floe-edge each spring to reap the plentiful rewards of the Polar seas; their spirits are still manifest in rich archaeological sites dotting the shores.

A morning in Iqaluit reveals Canada’s newest Legislature Building, the Anglican Cathedral, where the alter is adorned with finely sewn seal, caribou and polar bear skins, as well as galleries that offer superlative Inuit carvings, prints, and tapestries.

Relax, put away your watch, and experience the laid-back lifestyle, beauty, and solitude of the High Arctic.
Kayaking trips to the Arctic
Sea Kayaking Adventures
8 - 11 days
Late May - Mid-June, 2015
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