Discover the Worlds of the High Arctic
The Arctic is a place of unparalleled grandeur and fragile beauty. Ice-filled seas, vast Polar deserts, glacier enwrapped mountains, stretching to the utmost reaches of the North American continent, create a mosaic of memories. Caribou, Muskoxen, Arctic Hare, and Polar Bear enliven scenery that appears unfit to support life. At Isabella Bay, the magnificent Bowhead Whale gathers with others of its race in an annual rite of socializing and breeding.

But the Arctic is not an untouched wilderness. Spectacular archeological sites bear witness to ancient Thule and Dorset cultures. The centuries-old drama of interplay between humans and the Arctic environment is one of the hallmarks of the high Arctic. For Inuit and their ancestors, it provided sustenance and survival. For European explorers, it presented a daunting challenge: misadventure and death were ongoing realities of early expeditions.

Today, permanent communities are dotted across vast territory known as Nunavut. Here a unique culture has developed, melding past and present in uneasy balance. Northern citizens, while faced with a unique series of challenges, are fiercely proud of their heritage. This heritage is captured in highly desired sculptures and prints.

Join this extraordinary Odyssey and discover this magnificent land and its countless stories of human spirit and endeavor.
Trips to the Arctic
Travel to Arctic Canada
10 days/ 9 nights
July 30 - August 08, 2010
$14,500 (CND) pp. Departing from Ottawa