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Evenkian/Siberia Reindeer Sledding
From Moscow’s famous Kremlin, Red Square and St. Basils Cathedral, you will then escape to Russia’s Sakha Republic (Yakutia), where you will find high adventure driving a reindeer sled team through the heart of Siberia. Clad in the warmest native clothing, you will travel up tributary valleys of the massive Lena River and over the frozen taiga, and learn of the Yakutian and Evenkian people who have used this method of winter travel for centuries.

Nights are spent in Evenkian winter yurts and classic Russian homes of Yakutin families, where you will share in rich cultural exchange and enjoy wholesome and hearty Evenkian and Yakutian meals cooked in the traditional manner. En route, you will visit the domain of Yaktuia’s legendary horse breeders and have the opportunity to ride on renowned Yukut horses. You may also encounter a myriad of wildlife including ptarmigan, fox, able, elk and wolves to photograph. Sing national songs, listen to the vargan (a native musical instrument), and enjoy the solitude and special beauty that is offered by this truly unique region.

In Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha Republic, you will mingle with the locals, visit art galleries and museums, and see a diamond manufacturing plant and shop.
Trips to go Reindeer Sledding
Russian Reindeer Sledding
Siberia - Reindeer Sledding
10 Days
December - March
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