Arctic Dog Sled Odyssey
Experience the culture and untamed beauty of the Arctic by means of traditional dog sledding. With a team of rugged dogs, descendants of High Arctic breeds that date back several thousand years, you can explore the spectacular scenery of Arctic Scandinavia.

Explore the mixed forests and mountainous tundra landscapes of Arctic Scandinavia. Enter Sweden’s remote taiga, home of the Sami people through Kiruna. In a land where the ancient livelihood of reindeer herding continues to this day, you will mush your own team of huskies through the landscapes of the far north past mammals that may include lynx, moose, reindeer, fox and wolverine. Your journey culminates in the region of the Sami homeland where you will meet the people and learn their ways.

Relax, put away your watch, and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of the far north. Sleep in igloos, commune with your hearty Arctic dogs, and lie beneath the brilliance of the Aurora Borealis for an experience that only the unique solitude of the Arctic can bestow.
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Dog Sled Odyssey to Arctic Scandinavia
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