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The Arctic and North Atlantic islands and coastlines offer some of the finest scenery and wildlife experiences in the world. Our itineraries include Spitsbergen, Greenland, Iceland, Jan Mayen, Franz Josef Land, Bear Island, Newfoundland/Labrador, Loften, the Scottish Islands and Faroes, as well as Arctic waters from Far East Russia’s Chukotka Peninsula and Wrangel Island, to Alaska and the Canadian High Arctic, including Banks, Victoria, King William, Devon, Ellesmere, and Baffin Islands. Visitors to the region can witness enormous colonies of seabirds thronging the cliffs and shores, and enjoy the thrilling antics of whales and dolphins at sea, as well as seals and walrus hauled out on the rocks and ice floes. The lucky may even encounter the very symbol of the Arctic - the Polar Bear.

Though remote and sparsely populated today, many of the places we explore have been inhabited in the last 5000 years, and thousands of unique prehistoric and historic sites are a testimony to the thriving cultures of the past. We also visit the landing sites of history’s famed Polar explorers who undertook extraordinary quests to conquer the North Pole and/or find northern sea routes to bridge the east and west and Old and New Worlds.

Our specialty expedition ships comprise only those with ice-strengthened hulls, including vessels designed for Polar research, two World Class icebreakers, and two rare Polar sailing vessels. All vessels have state-of-the-art navigation equipment, which allow us to pass safely through the ice and narrow waterways.

With the long daylight hours of the northern summer, we can sail day and night. Excursions by Zodiac and/or ship-board helicopter, and led by foremost Arctic experts, offer the freedom to explore remote locations and observe the region’s abundant and unique wildlife.

View many of our Arctic & North Atlantic Adventure Cruise itineraries by selecting from the list below, or call today for the cruise itinerary of your particular Polar dream.
Cruise to Alaska, Greenland, Newfoundland, Spitsbergen, Russia, and Arctic Canada
Canada Cruises
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July & August 2014
Arctic Explorer
August 2014
Epic High Arctic
August 2014
Into the Northwest Passage
August 2014
Out of the Northwest Passage
August/September 2014
Franklin's Footsteps: Greenland & Canada
September 2014
Greenland & Labrador
September 2014
Cruise out of AntarcticaANTARCTICA / SOUTH POLE