South Pole Expedition Flight
Some of the greatest stories of modern exploration are those of attempts to reach the Geographic South Pole. Still, the names of explorers like Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton continue to fascinate us as we learn of their heroic journeys. Today, follow the same journey with the use of modern technology—an aircraft.

You will fly by private jet to the Antarctic interior and Adventure Network International's Patriot Hills base camp, located at the foot of the Ellsworth Mountains, 600 miles from the South Pole. At Patriot Hills camp, you have the opportunity to cross-country ski and/or walk at will across the vast Polar landscape, undertake snowmobile trips to local mountains, and hear lectures from esteemed experts on Antarctica’s geology, glaciation, history, and navigation.

When the weather permits, we will fly to the Geographic South Pole in specially equipped ski aircraft. The journey will cover 600 miles across wind swept terrain and sastrugi and last approximately 6 hours, stopping midway at Thiel Mountains to refuel.

We will land at America’s South Pole Amundsen–Scott research station. Upon reaching the Geographic South Pole, you will stand in awe of the realization that you are at the most southerly point on earth where, beneath your feet, all 360 lines of longitude collide and the ice is almost 3,000m (10,000ft) thick.
Antarctica Flights
Trips to Antarctica
7 days/ 6 nights

December - January
2013 - 2014
$45,000 (USD)
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