Adventure Travel to the Arctic
Welcome to the index of available Arctic Odysseys adventures! Please make a selection to view detailed trip information, prices and dates. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will help create a custom Odyssey based on your personal interests!
Travel to the North PoleNORTH POLE TOURS:
North Pole by Nuclear Icebreaker
North Pole Ultimate Adventure Flight
Cruise, Kayak, & Ski in the High ArcticHIGH ARCTIC TOURS:
Discover the Worlds of the High Arctic
High Arctic Nordic Trekking
Floe-Edge Odyssey
Summer Wildlife & Culture - Baffin Island
Canadian High Arctic Kayaking
Great Slave Lake & the Northwest Passage
Cruise Alaska and the High ArcticARCTIC & ALASKA CRUISES:
Many different destinations to choose from!
Trips to view Polar Bear, birds, whales, walruses & morePOLAR BEAR & WILDLIFE TOURS:
Polar Bears - Hudson Bay
Polar Bears - Cape Tatnum
Summer Wildlife & Culture - Baffin Island
Polar Bears, Belugas Galore
Fall Auroral Odyssey
Great Slave Lake & the Northwest Passage
Tours to view the Aurora BorealisNORTHERN LIGHTS TOURS:
Spring Auroral Odyssey
Fall Auroral Odyssey
Yukon Aurora Borealis
Dog Sledding Tours and AdventuresDOG SLED TOURS:
Arctic Dog Sled Odyssey
Evenkian Reindeer Sledding Odyssey
Cruise and Fly to AntarcticaANTARCTICA / SOUTH POLE TOURS:
Antarctic Cruises
South Pole Expedition Flight
Skiing and Kayaking AdventuresSKIING / KAYAKING TOURS:
High Arctic Nordic Trekking
Baffin Ski Trekking Expedition
Canadian High Arctic Kayaking
Tours to Russia and SiberiaRUSSIA / SIBERIA TOURS:
Russia Odyssey
The Trans-Siberian Railroad
Cruise Siberia's Mighty Lena River
Evenkian Siberia Reindeer Sledding