Arctic Odysseys offers exciting alternatives to the commonplace. The northernmost parts of the world have a special allure, even to the most seasoned traveler. The Arctic displays an awesome vastness and breathtaking beauty to those who visit and experience this land's "other world" mystique. Legends and solitude wrap every part of the rolling tundra, frozen seas, soaring peaks and sparkling glaciers, and beckon to adventure enthusiasts, from wildlife, photography, history, and cultural buffs to dog sled mushers and expert skiers.

Spring offers the opportunity to reach the North Pole by charter plane, or to experience by dog team the land of the Inuit, whose highly developed outdoor skills come from a 3000-year ancestry of living off the land, or to ski spectacular pristine peaks that rise abruptly from the sea ice to over 7,000 feet.

In Summer, the abundance of wildflowers and lichens in this land of endless quiet adds yet another dimension, one that's full of contrast, color and delicacy. Wildlife abounds with diversity - a rare opportunity to see at close hand polar bears, wolves, caribou, narwhal and beluga whales, muskoxen, and other species in their natural environment.

Founded in 1976, Arctic Odysseys pioneered formal travel in the High Arctic, and continues its successful small group format in Arctic Canada, Greenland, Spitzbergen, Russia, and most recently, China. Intimate knowledge of these destinations and respect for the people is shared by all Odyssey leaders. Those few adventure enthusiasts fortunate enough to travel with Arctic Odysseys are forever changed by the spirit of the land of the midnight sun.
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